I cant' upload code from arduino IDE to seeeduino XIAO

Hi, I’m new into arduino programmation and i’ve bouht a seeeduino XIAO and I’m trying to upload code to the XIAO from arduino IDE, i’ve installed the seeeduino packages and my XIAO is connected to the port COM4.

Now I have a problem, when I’m trying to upload code there is the USB windows sound that means the XIAO disconnected and it automatically open the file explorer, after this I got this message from the arduino IDE:

As you can see I’m no longer connected to the XIAO :confused:
Some precision: I have the seeeduino XIAO RP2040

Hello, this phenomenon is that your serial port number is not selected correctly. You can observe whether XIAO 2040 is connected in the device manager

Hey! Thank you for your answer, how do I change my serial port number? Can you explain me step by step because I’m a neebie in arduino, thanks a lot!

did you take a jumper and connect the two padsnext to the usb c, hold for a second til see yellow light

There is nothing next to he USB C plug, and when i turn the XIAO on, there is the big led between the two buttons blinking in red green blue colors

right opposite D0 and D1 two little pads with rst printed near them, you short them out to get the yellow light on

It might work but who knows… :joy: I am about ready to take this little board and throw it into the burn barrel, it is a headache I do not need

After reading your answer carefully, you have chosen the wrong board, the correct development version is seeduino xiao rp2040, not seeduino xiao.
Please follow this wiki:Overview - Seeed Wiki

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Thank you sooooooo much !!!