I can't install linux server 18.04.5 LTS T-T

Here is another my document

And I bought SSD. So I can next process of install.
But another error is founded at last installing process.
I don’t know what i to do for success installing.

this is enlargement capture image.

Hi @sooyoung_ho

From my knowledge this message usually come up when the system image is corrupted. Please can you check your image agin and check the sha256?

What system image corruption mean? Imaged on my USB driver? or something about Odyssey?
And I don’t know sha256. Is it related with Image corruption?

basically your downloaded image may lost some packages during download.

You may need to re-download the image and once downloaded. Check the image sha256 using some tools such as: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-verify-ubuntu#2-necessary-software

Oh… I finally complete installing!!
Problem is my USB driver image.
really really really really thank you for your attention!!!

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Glad it works :smiley: