I can't find my Bluetooth Bee


I’m using a Seeeduino Stalker with Bluetooth Bee. The green light is flickering tow times/sec (so it’s trying to connect) but my Computer won’t find it. I tried different versions of bluetooth software but none of them are finding it.
I’m using windows 7 (64bit) and a Belkin bluetooth stack.

Can anyone help me?



Have you refered to this:

You may first try to use a serial terminal to control the bluetooth.


Hey Icing,

yes I have tried. Is it possible that the seeeduino isn’t programmable via bluetooth? So do I need an USB-Stack?

Thanks for your quick answer

Hi Arne,

Yes, finally you need seeeduino to control the bluetooth through serial ports. Using uartSB to control the buletooth is just a more intuitive way to test how to make it work.