I cannot find Firmware.....

Hi Everybody, I just got an DS203 and I tried the upgrade procedure; I connected to my PC the DSO powered off then I switched on pushing |> key and DSO display showed correctly
Device Firmare Upgrade V3.11C
Please Copy Hex or Bin file to
The DFU virtual USB Disk

but nothing happen on PC.

I tried both with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 but any SO can recognize the Firmware

If I connect DS203 normally it can store and PC recognize it but in Firmware mode there is no way to connect it

Anybody has experienced some similar before?

Many thanks for help


Hello Luca,

You mean that the PC can not recognized the USB disk in firmware mode ?


That’s what’s happening to me. Any Ideas?

Try another USB port. Reboot and try again.
My Win7 PC sometimes does that, but not always.