I can not use micro sd card


I bought DSO Nano some days ago.

I have Sandisk 2GB micro SD card.
I think this is the same memory with seeedstudio.com/depot/sandisk-microsd™-card-2gb-p-546.html?cPath=104_110 .

I formatted my memory with FAT file system on my PC(Windows XP SP3).
And I copy all files with FILEXXX.DAT and CONFIG.DAT following the FAQ on this web board.

Buw when I insert this card into my DSO Nano.
I can’t save waveforms.

And I wonder my DSO Nano works well or not.
When I try to select FS, the cursor is skip from x1 to Fo.
Does it works well?

Help me… ^^

If you can’t use menu FS and FL, means the card is not even recognized by DSO. Would it be possible to try another card?
Also, you could try power off and on after inserting the TF card to see if it works. (I personally have this experrience sometimes.)

Wasn’t there a 1gb limit???

The limit should be 2GB. Thanks!

same problem as my except the FS/FL menu valid on screen except the “Micro SD Err” message while save/load. Any suggestion ? Thanks.

MicroSD : Kingston Model : SD/2GB
Size : 2GB

App : 2.31
LIB : 2.21

If FL and FS are valid, then it is mostly the file setup problem. Please try follow the FAQ on the SD card preparation.

follow as instruction step, problem remain MicroSD Err on load/save.

It should be the compatibility issue, could you try another brand? Sorry for the inconvenience but we can’t test every card.

We have a Sandisk one proven working and in stock. Thanks!

seeedstudio.com/depot/sandis … th=104_110

problem fixed, incompatible on kingstone 2GB, get new Sandisk 2GB tested working fine. Thanks a lot.