I am unable to connect to WiFi, even if I use the provided provided Arduino example

So I recently got the Wio Terminal, I am trying to connect to wifi. I have been trying out the provided examples, I am able to successfully do a wifi scan and it works absolutely fine. But when I try the WifiClientBasic program, even on providing the right SSID and Password it just don’t want to connect.
First up, there seems to be like a minute worth of delay for the "Connecting to … " to appear in the serial output, and it seemingly is stuck there.
I have updated the firmware, I don’t know where the issue is occuring.

I should also add that I am current trying to connect to my mobile hotspot.

Fixed It : The hotspot security was set to WPA 3 , which I learned is not supported by Wio Terminal, simply changing to WPA 2 or None fixes the issue.