i am not geting any sound from my music shield

I am using a arduino uno with my shield and the code compiles and I have head phones plugged in to the shield but the problem is that I am not hearing anything. I have songs in the sd card. Why am I not hearing anything?:frowning: Can someone help please. Also would the recording part work with a chipkit mega? And why does the recording not work with arduino uno does it not have the power to do it?

Dear customer,

Arduino IDE 1.0 is a little bit different with upload step.
So confirm you did correct step.

And the libraries is put in the right folder.

Watch your voice button, may be not loud enough.

Anyway, it should be work find.
But if not, please give us more detail and photo attach would be more helpful.

So hope you can success.

Best regards,


the code compiled. and the v+ button or the v- button arnt doing anything and the green led is on. and it stell does not work. aslo what about the chipkit mega can it record sound?


The green led should blink that is playing the music.
Rocker should click and then can play.

But note the format with your music file.

More information are in WIKI.

do you have skype soo you could point out what i ded wrong and help fix it? :cry:


Sorry for Skype could not do that.
But if you follow the wiki step by step then any question welcome to attach here and ask.

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Hi I am also facing the same problem now.
Can share with me how you solve this problem?

Or anyone there to enlighten me with some idea :cry: