HW2.81, Sys1.64, APP +A1 1.13 with GABOUI_2.hex

Just got my DSO203 and also wanted FFT. After going through many posts I copied GABOUI_2 with DFU. The DSO203 could afterwards be started with Slot 2 (Gabunator seems to work). Starting in standard mode (Slot 1) leeds to an error message of the DSO203 “FGPA configuration Err!”.

I could not transfer files to with DFU to the DSO203. Windows 8.1 recognizes on the DSO203 the drive as “DFU V3_43_C”, but shows 1 cryptic folder + 2 cryptic files and does not accept any files. The Windows File Manager says :Error 0x80070570: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

Then I formatted the DFU V_3_43_C drive with Windows. Windows stopped with an error message (something like “Windows could not complete the formatting”), but the cryptic files and folder were gone.

Then I copied the File FPGA_281.ADR from Seeedstudio onto the DSO203, but the DSO203 stopped with an FPGA_281.err.

What do I need to do go back to the original factory state? Hints from experts would be greatly appreciated from me Newby!

Some notes - Trying to find info on this forum is a challenge as tidbits are distributed everywhere in the notes. With this note I am trying to compile the procedure for getting the data in one location so it can benefit everyone.

Please be aware that I am no expert in this process, only frustrated by having to continually search for info. If I get confused with all this then I am positive that there are many more.

My notes so far. Others can add where they feel it is necessary for complete understanding without hours of research…

Assuming you have a 2.81 HDWE version I would reload everything with the most current SW.

DFU V3.45
SYS V1.64

Load either the original app or load the latest Wildcat. My recommendation is Wildcat.

If I remember correctly the next step would be to re-format the drive using Windows. After I upgraded to DFU V3.45 Win 8.1 interfaced with the DSO OK, Win 10 would not work for me. Try it and see what works for you.

Create the extra file locations (CONF001.CFG to CONF009.CFG) for Wildcat. The Wildcat app uses all 4 slots so no other app can be installed.

Excerpt from forum notes by Wildcat:

My version allows 9 additional config files to be saved/restored. Config #0 is the boot up file. In order for all this to work, 9 extra config files MUST already be on the device’s flash drive as the program will only save them if a file already exists.

Simply copy 9 instances of the xxxxx.WPT file with a Windows machine, then rename them CONF001.CFG to CONF009.CFG.

To update the DFU to V3.45 please use the Forum Topic that refers to:
Tutorial: How to flash/debrick/update DFU on DSO203 HW V2.81

Loading the gabinator file may overwrite data in some instances. I have to go back and research the forum notes on this.

Thanks a lot for your advise!

Yes, I received a DSO203 with HW2.81, Sys1.64 and APP +A1 1.13 on Nov 4th, 2015.

I finally was able to copy FPGA_281.ADR (after chkdsk f: /F to remove all the cryptic files). Best case the DSO203 reset and then came back with a FPGA_281.err.

Since the DFU-drive still works somehow and I do not have an USB to serial board I am hesitant to update the DFU.

If your drive works OK in DFU mode and you can see the drive when booting normally you “should” be OK.

Make sure you have a good copy of the FPGA files.

Reload every file (except DFU upgrade) and see what your results are.