Huge Beginners problems with Wifi Shield V 2.0

Hi everyone, I’m currently running the shield on an Arduino UNO. I started with the examples from the wiki and copied the following code:

I tried to enter the command mode by sending “$$$” in the serial monitor, but it doesnt work. No line ending, baud rate to 9600.

I read that the firmware version is displayed when you press the “Reset” button. When I try this the following text appears in the serial monitor:

… just nonsense. If I repeat the process:

The identical text repeats itself.

Please help me! I have already read some posts and do not know how to continue. I have already tried the shield on two different UNOs and re-installed the Arduino software. Is thies shield broken?

Kind regards from West-Germany

J. Wolf


Do you have a USB To UART module? You can use this to judge the problem.