https_test test program not working

I have a t-mobile SIM card which has a data plan on it (verified by using the SIM card in an android phone).

I built and ran the traceable dog collar demo, which works - so I know that my rephone recognizes my SIM card - I can text it and call it, and I see output on the serial console.

However, when I run the https_test program the serial console shows no output at all, indicating that it is not successfully connecting to the URL in the test program.

What do I need to do to make it work?

Wthout any prior reading of api and documentation: it has 2 serial outputs, the modem and debug. Have you tried both?

Notice in my original post that I already have the serial output working and verified with a different demo, so I understand the configuration for the correct console output. Instrumenting the https_test demo code with additional output does show my debugging lines, so it’s not as simple as the console not working.

The scirpt waits for an input. You simply have to press a key on your keyboard.

I made a test with my thingspeak account.

I replaced the URL like this.
#define TEST_URL “ O U R K E Y &field1=5”

It works fine and is very simple!

I got it to work; I was too impatient. The first time a URL is sent out (https, not http), it takes a good 15 seconds to process; the library call sends every request out with the same request Id, so if you make another request before the first one comes back, the first one is cancelled.

So starting it, pressing a key, and waiting until it comes back worked for me too.

I’ve discovered that subsequent calls to post the request without cancelling (closing) the channel happen quite quickly; in fact, they can occur once per second even to a https site, which is good enough for me