I am fairly new to electronics so finding my way a bit.

I have just bought an HSM-20G sensor seeedstudio.com/depot/humidi … ml?cPath=6 to use with a seeeduino. I have it reporting analog values but cannot find enough information about the sensor to all these to be converted into degrees C and %RH. Has anyone else managed this, got the info/formula to make it possible or even a .pde file as an example to share?

Many thanks.

HSM-20G.rar (168 KB)

Thanks FreeZing - I have snesor connected to 5V and the temp to analog pin1 - this is outputing a value of 1023 - is this a fault with the sensor or something I am doing wrong?

Hi - The humidity sensor is working fine but the temperature sensor remains unresponsive, even with pull up resitors swithced on. I am starting to think the sensor must be at fault?

Please advise - thanks.