HP206c - inaccurate altitude

I am just after receiving a HP206c sensor for a GrovePi +.
I have tested the high_accuracy_barometer_example.py script and did not experience any code issues.
However I am getting some weird Altitude outputs, as per attached screenshots.
The first issue is that it displays some unrealistic altitude output

of 42949653 meter, I am not sitting on a plane right now :sweat_smile:.
The second issue is that, even when keeping the sensor stand still, the next measurement would have 2 meters difference from the one taken 2 seconds earlier. For a high accurate barometer, I would expect a few centimeters variation but not meters.

Thanks for advising.


Hi @julien06, Seems like there is some issues with the sensor values, but we can’t confirm it’s a sensor module problem or software problem, so can you try to read sensor data with arduino uno or something, and compare the values with raspberry pi values.

Hi @salman,
thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to compare as I only possess a Raspberry Pi.

Oh sorry, what help you need on that?

Hello !
I am facing the problem of unprecise altitude (my sensor doesn’t move at all on a table, and from a mesure to another it varies of 3m sometimes) with my HP206c and I am using Arduino Uno. Did someone managed to solve this problem ?