How would you like SeeedStudio support open source Projects?

We are starting manufacturing hosting open source kits from customers now, like for the Aclyric box from Atomriot: … p-345.html
Feel that there is need to find a really appropriate way to this now. :wink:

Ideas so far:

  1. Donation Button - Include a Paypal donation button in the product page to encourage community to donate designer. not sure if there is respectable amount donated.

  2. Royalty - A portion of the total sales periodically paid to designer. We will count monthly and send out the royalty, but we didn’t have the way to make the record absolutely transparent.

  3. Free kits to designers - A number of free PCB or complete kits

  4. Drop shipping - Designer collect the payment, consolidate the orders and inform Seeed Studio to ship out.

Your input is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Maybe some sort of a point system that could be used towards future purchases or be able to cash in for cold hard cash.

I have a couple designs on and they are based on a ‘royalty’ idea and it works good, but I think the point system is easier to track and also easier if you just want to cash in for more goodies.

Would it be possible to enable other file types on the wiki besides images? I would like to be able to upload .pdf, and .zip files to the wiki to put some documentation for my project there, without requiring an alternate hosting site.

I’ve made a little change to the config file ,now wiki supports PDF and ZIP,RAR files now.

Actually, I just tried uploading a .zip file, and received the following error:

So all is not well quite yet.

It looks like you must have found something to fix, as it works fine now.


Thanks for pointing it out… never enough fixing and improvement :slight_smile:

Any word as to how you decided to support open source projects?

my idea would be to collect various open source projects, then have some kind of vote to choose which one you produce as a finished project.

Could we please block IP from the wiki? This individual has spammed the wiki 3 times in the last day.