how to work with servo's with the sensorshield

Hello forum.
I am trying to connect 1 or more servo’s with the Sensor Shield but I have no idea how it works.
Is it possible to control servo’s with this board, if the answer is yes will you be so kind to help me?
Working withe Arduino is no problem.
I have an Freduino V 1.16 with Atmega 168, I have buyed a newer version :Arduino Duemilanove 2009 AVR ATmega328 p-20PU USB board, it is send to me.
Hoping for some reaction, greetings Kees Moret

You can refer to the example of Arduino IDE: Arduino 0020 -> File -> Examples -> Servo.
Plug the Sensor shield v4 to the Arduino/seeeduino v2.2. Connect the Sensor shield v4 to servo like this:
Sensor shield v4 ------- servo
GND ------- GND
VCC ------- VCC
Digital pin9 -------- SIGNAL

And then you can download the example code to the Arduino/seeeduino v2.2. The servo will work well.


Thank you :slight_smile: , I will try.