How to work with respeaker in pulse mode?

Hello! Please, describe how to use respeakerd in pulse mode?

I’m trying to code home assistant using another STT vendor (not Amazon). For interconnection with respeakerd I need to use pulseaudio output channel. How to do this?

I’m trying to look at Google Home Assistant example, but D-Bus doesn’t working. My steps:

  1. Enable D-Bus for all messages and paths
    cat /etc/dbus-1/system.d/io.respeaker.respeakerd.conf

2. Listening d-bus for info:

</s><i> </i>dbus-monitor --system signal time=1540817661.428186 sender=:1.29 -> destination=(null destination) serial=3 path=/io/respeaker/respeakerd; interface=respeakerd.signal; member=respeakerd_ready signal time=1540817800.946534 sender=:1.32 -> destination=(null destination) serial=5 path=/io/respeaker/respeakerd; interface=respeakerd.signal; member=ready <e>

And there is nothing:

</s><i> </i>get d-bus connection ... connected to fifo file: /tmp/music.input (91ms)INFO -- pulseaudio context connecting... [] (94ms)INFO -- pulseaudio context connected to the server. [] (94ms)INFO -- The target source name: default [] (95ms)INFO -- The source's original info: name: alsa_input.platform-sound_0.seeed-8ch, rate: 48000, format: s16le, channels:8 [] (95ms)INFO -- The source's negociated info: name: alsa_input.platform-sound_0.seeed-8ch, rate: 16000, format: s16le, channels:8, flat volume: 1 [] (378ms)INFO -- Connected to PulseAudio server. [] (378ms)INFO -- PulseCollectorNode thread started. [] (379ms)INFO -- HybridNode is accepting deinterleaved data. [] (412ms)INFO -- HybridNode thread started. [] (413ms)INFO -- VepAecBeamformingNode thread started. [] (444ms)INFO -- VepDoaKwsNode enabled AGC. [] (444ms)INFO -- VepDoaKwsNode thread started. [] respeakerd output: num channels: 1, rate: 16000 waiting for ready signal... assuming cloud always ready for PulseAudio mode going to send d-bus signal: respeakerd_ready (20060ms)INFO -- >>>> The decided trigger beam is 5(4.5), dir: 270`. <<<< [] <e>

it detects hotword, but never calls event in d-bus. googlesamples-assistant-respeakerd doesn’t show any information in console, even in debug logging level.

How can I find “respeakerd_output” in pulse sources? I’m using pactl list but there is nothing with such name

Hi there,

please refer to <LINK_TEXT text=“ … audio-mode”></LINK_TEXT> for start respeakerd in PulseAudio mode. thanks.