How to View Items In Wishlist(s)


I haven’t found a way to view the items in my wishlists – at least not without:

  1. Adding a new item to that wishlist
  2. Clicking on “Move”

I even tried “Find A Friends Wishlist” but, even though it “found” my wishlist, it still didn’t show it’s contents (or even provide a way, that I could find, to show the content).

When I click on the “Wish Lists” tab, it only shows the meta data for my wishlists, NOT THE CONTENT! So, I don’t get how one is supposed to open their wishlist so they can select an item to purchase (when they finally are ready to purchase the thing), or even to just look at the catalog page for that item.

In other words, the wishlist(s) seem to be “Write Only”!

Notified our IT colleague. They should get back to you soon!

Hi, when you get there, you should click the name of one of your wishlist(s), then you will see the content.

You could create more than one wishlist, with one default Wishlist. When you click the button ‘Add to wishlist’, the product was added the default wislist.
The ‘Move’, which moving items between Wish Lists. Before submit, make sure some items and the targeted wishlist are selected.