how to use the Wireless sensor node - solar kit?

hi, everyone, i got several questions to ask, hope someone can help me out to solve my problems.

  1. how to get the temperature data from the wireless sensor node - solar kit ( … ure_Sensor)? meaning that i want to use wireless sensor node - solar kit in such a standalone way, how i suppose to do?

  2. when i construct the wireless sensor node - solar kit with the Grove - Temperature Sensor, the xctu didnt show up any data like temperature data, or should i open the arduino software to see the temperature data? is that possible that i observe the output reading through the XCTU?

  3. plz kindly tell me how to configure or program it after constructed the wireless sensor node - solar kit with the Grove - Temperature Sensor.

  4. is that possible upload the code into the Grove - Temperature Sensor without using the arduino?

plz kindly help me to solve this problem and pardon me for my poor english, thank you very much!!
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Hi , edison

I don’t think you can use them together. The Xbee pro S1 don’t have a micro controller , such as ATmega168 or ATmega328, so how do you collect and deal with data? You need a standalone module, like Bluetooth Bee - Standalone or RFBee - Standalone, which has a micro controller on the board, and then you can use the Grove pins(I2C and D5) as Arduino board.