How to use the NFC shield for P2P communication?

Seeedstudio engineers!
I bought your products for two NFC shields.I respectively put the two NFC shields insert two Arduino UNOs.
And I was according to your wiki operation for P2P communication.
One of the Arduino UNO download PtoPInitiator. Pde, and another Arduino UNO download PtoPTarget. Pde.
But the final result output:
Initiator output :

Found chip PN532
Firmware ver. 1.6
Supports 7

Target output:

Found chip PN532
Firmware ver. 1.6
Supports 7

I have not received information like that:

Data Sent and Received : HELLO INITIATOR


Data Received : HELLO TARGET

I don’t know why to appear problems.
I put the two NFC Shield place close to each other(almost 0 cm).
Please as soon as possible to tell me how to solve this problem.
Our project need a lot of NFC Shields to do application.

hello, i tested the NFC P2P communication again as the following step:

  1. download the PtoPInitiator.ino and PtoPTarget.ino to 2 arduino , and then plug the NFC shield . i downloaded these demos in Arduino IDE 1.0 , you can download the Library and example attached files.
  2. make the 2 NFC shield close. they communicate well. note the serial baudrate is 9600:

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