How to use the built-in test signal generator?

Hi all,

The internal test signal generator is a great feature, but I can’t understand how to use it. The manual doesn’t say anything about it. Please help.

Out of test generator is in right upper corner

Thanks a lot. I took it for a strap loop :slight_smile:.

so did I!

glad I found this thread


That is the signal generator???! :open_mouth:
Does it needs a ground refference?
I see there is very poor information about this in the manual and in the forum but id like to know more! :mrgreen:

BTW, is there an option to SEE on screen the signal that is going out while i use the probe to test other signal, so compare both?

Im using BenF 5.41 firm

The ground is common with the rest of the nano so no ground needed when measuring using the nano.
No you can only look at it by connecting the only input you have on the nano to it.

You should upgrade to V3.52 for major enhancements. You could “Save Ref” to save the reference signal (in this case “Freq Out”) first. Then “Load Ref”, connect probe to desired signal and then use “Show Ref” and “Hide Ref” to compare the two signals… You may want to refer to the training videos at:

for additional information.

Thanks a lot!