How to use Speaker with 2 Mic Pi Hat

I want to use a speaker along with the 2 Mic Pi Hat. In the past I was using my own solution with a mini amplifier powered by the 5v GPIO and the Pi headphone jack. But the Pi Hat blocks access to all GPIO so I need to use the speaker out on the Pi Hat. There seems to be little information online at all about how to set this up.

  • Is extra USB power really needed, or will a small 4ohm speaker work without power?
  • Is there any extra config needed to ensure the speaker connection works?
  • Most importantly, where the heck can I get speakers with that particular connector? Or, if I want to use my own speaker which JST plug actually is actually used so I can find one? (After a bit of research I find the JST make many, many different connectors)

So after a bit of a test with a 4ohm 3watt speaker I rigged up I found this just worked…and worked well. I had to change the default output device with ALSA but after that I was able to aplay and get sound.

I am GUESSING that the connector I need to setup my own speaker is this one as Seed are pretty poor with documentation. I just hope that is the one.

I cant get the audio output on the JST to play anything.

can you post the alsamixer settings and aplay settings that worked for you?