How to use LoRa-E5 with Arduinos


For a project at my University, I need to use LoRa-E5 with Arduino Leonardo to transfer data of a CO2 captor (the SCD30). But even with guide and else I don’t understand how do we need to connect the Lora-E5 between them.
If someone can help me please.


What do you mean ? you plan to use them in P2P configuration ? not with a Lora gateway ? You can run your own Lora gateway and server quite easily :wink:

Thanks for your answer! Euhm yeah I would like to connect them by P2P.
In fact, to be precise, I need 4 transmitter and one receiver.
You says that it’s easy but do you know where I can find some documentation or tuto because I can find a good and simple tuto for LoRa-E5.

Thank you for your help