How to use HID to get the status of the LEDs?

The LED will turn on when someone speaks to it and turn off when there’s no one talking. How to get the status using HID?

I would like to build a recorder that auto stop when someone stop talking.


Hi there, we do not have the HID demo. we have the python demo to read the VAD(Voice Activity Detection) status. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -detection”></LINK_TEXT>


Seeed techsupport team


Cool, thanks.

I’ve tried the demo and sometime it returns false even when someone is speaking. Could you recommend which parameters should I fine-tune in (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … .0/#tuning”></LINK_TEXT>)?

Hi there, please fine tune time.sleep(X) in below code. thanks.

from tuning import Tuning

import usb.core

import usb.util

import time

dev = usb.core.find(idVendor=0x2886, idProduct=0x0018)

#print dev

if dev:

Mic_tuning = Tuning(dev)

print Mic_tuning.is_voice()

while True:


print Mic_tuning.is_voice()


except KeyboardInterrupt: