How to use GPRS shield step by step.

Dear all,

Here is some step to let you know how to began the GPRS shield with SSCOM3.2 serial tool.

  1. upload the sketch to Arduino Uno : … T_Commands
    Make sure you have upload the sketch successfully when show up “Done Uploading”.

  2. Insert the gprs shield , make sure the jumper select to D7 and D8 . pleast note the USB connector should not touch holes on gprs shield.

  3. Open the SSCOM3.2 serial tool, open the COM correctly.

  4. push the button”PWRKEY”1s , and wait for about 30s, the red led would be on the green led blink.

  5. as the serial tool, select the “SentNew”, select the bautrate as 19200, and sent a string: “AT+IPR=19200 “, and then hit : SEND

Gprs shield would relay : OK, it now you power off the gprs shield , it will relay: normal power down.


Let’s look forward to our new version of GPRS Shield(After half-mouth). :sunglasses: