How to use CP2012 on El Capitan


This might be an advanced topic, but I’d like to use my Wio Node with the Arduino core for ESP8266 WiFi chip. I installed the latest driver (from … ivers.aspx) for CP201x on MacOS El Capitan, but my device is not recognized.

It seems that there is an issue on El Capitan. … d-p/155165

I tied with a USB 2.0 hub as suggested, but got no success.

If you know a way to use a Wio Node on MacOS El Capitan, please share your tips. :wink:


Sounds like you were on the right path. The exact part number in the wio schematic is a CP2102. … el+capitan

Seems like there are some solutions in that search, but I cannot confirm. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Your device is Wio Node (
This Wio Node have not USB-to-UART chip. The USB connector just power.


Wio Node does not include UART to USB chip. It just upgrade by OTA.