how to use 2 bluetooth-bee standalone

Hello everybody on this forum!
I recently bought a couple of “BTBee standalone”.
My idea is to use the first one to read 3 switches or analog inputs and send datas to the other one, which should turn on/off/regulate 3 LEDs.
I have a Mac with Arduino IDE installed and a XBee USB-board I’d like to use to setup each BTBee before using as a standalone unit.
May anyone help me to figure out how to do it?
Any idea of a simple sketch, just to connect BTBees and use a single switch with an LED?
I have also a couple of XBee Simple Boards to simplify a testing of the connections with a standard breadboard, but I’m not sure which I/O pins could be used and with which of the BTBees are connected to…
I read many tutorials on the web, but I’m still confused, because many of them refer to serial communication between a BTBee and a personal computer.
Thanks for your attention :wink:


Have you gotten this to work?

I’ve been handed a bluetooth bee stand alone and usb programming board but i cant figure out how to even program it. Have you figured out how?

I keep getting the “Avrdude: stk500_getsync():notmsync: resp = 0x00” and i wonder if im even selecting the right board for it when loading sketches …

Thank you for reading this!