How to upgrade FW to 2.5e? - lib.dfu missing

I would like to try v2.5e but the lib.dfu is not available for it (at least from what I could find):

This is the v2.5e app I think I need to use:

I did see a lib.dfu in the rar for v2.4, can I use that one with the app file for v2.5e?


Sorry for the trouble. I have put the 2.5e app+lib firmware to googlecode. Please visit

Thanks! Not knowing better, I have in fact been using lib 2.22 together with app 2.50 and that also worked. Now I have tried to update to lib 2.5 and the update process seems to work. However, the splash screen still says “2.22”…

The library has no change from version 2.2 to 2.5.So I use the 2.2 lib.Next time, I will change the hint message.Thanks!

If you use the same version 2.2 files for the lib, there should not be any reason to rebuild the dfu and call it 2.5, or am I missing something? I would just have shipped an DSO201_LIB_V2.2.dfu together with the DSOnanoAPP2.5.dfu, to avoid any confusion…

We just modify the application project,but the library is the same with version 2.2. So I put them together.

Thanks Jerry, I will give it a try.

It’s working, thanks!

A couple of notes on the upgrade process:

I installed the lib first and then the app - used the process in the manual for the most part - used DfuSE Demo 3.0.1 with Win7 x64. Also the program barked a warning that the device was in dfu mode so it could not verify etc, I clicked ok (but only after I downloaded the existing dfu form the DSO first to have a backup). One feature I was hoping for was to loose the waveform at startup, not big deal though - really liking this thing.