How to store persistent data on XIAO BLE SENSE

Hi everyone, it’s possibile to store persistent informations on XIAO BLE Sense?

Ok i solved my issue.
Doing my researches I found a library that is used with Arduino33 that mounts the same chip.
The library is FS_Nano33BLE

After installation you will find an Example called “FS_Test”, if you try to compile it you will get an error saying that it’s supposed to work only with nRF52840 platform… even if indeed it is… well

Just remove that check from the library and problem solved. It works. :joy:
Follow this comment: Logging Data to Onboard Flash Memory of Seeed XIAO BLE Sense - Stack Overflow to do it

On macOS the file is located in: /Users//Documents/Arduino/libraries/FS_Nano33BLE/src/FS_Nano33BLE.h

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