how to specify a certain board components must be used

I just used your online quote system and got back a reasonable quote for printing and assembling a circuit board with components.

The board has about 11 components on it. Most of the components are pretty basic and I do not mind if a similar component is used. However one component, line #5 has to be that specific manufacturer part number.

how can I guarantee that this particular manufacture part number will be used?

Hi info522,

Sorry for the late response, your message was a little hidden.

If you still need help, and for others with similar problems, here’s a brief answer:

By default, we will try to source the specified part as far as best as we can. If we cannot source it, you will be contacted and we may be able to suggest alternatives. So for line #5 we will do out best to find the part specified.

For other parts, you can check our Open Parts Library to see if we have a suitable replacement. These parts are locally (China) sourced and so are cheaper if not free. Here’s the link: