How to setup terminal output for CircuitPython on Wio Terminal?

I’ve followed the instructions on the Wiki and can connect to my Wio Terminal through the serial port, but I don’t see the terminal output shown on the LCD screen.

I’m trying to reproduce the demo shown here.

I received one of the early Wio Terminal units in April and wonder if there is updated firmware in addition to the adafruit-circuitpython-seeeduino_wio_terminal-en_US-6.0.0-alpha.1.uf2 file that needs to be flashed.

The code was merged 10 days ago and should have the latest firmware soon.

Hi @hampden,

The latest LCD driver included is not currently released as a bin yet, you may check here for the latest bin fikes:

One way to have the latest LCD driver CP firmware is to build from source code here:

You can try the latest build, which can be downloaded from the “Absolute Newest … (BROWSE S3)” section on the page

With this build I had a text output on LCD

It works. Thanks much. This is awesome!