How to set up the GPRS shield for Thingspeak??

Hi Everyone,

Can someone pls post or help me with setting up my GPRS shield for Thingspeak?
seeedstudio has an example for pachube which i tried changing to work with Thingspeak but it didn’t work :cry: :cry:

Thank you all in advance.

Hi Forum,

a very good question, unfortunately I have no answer, since I’m struggling with the very same problem.

I tried the upload to Cumulocity as they have a detailed tutorial for Arduino+Seeestudio GPRS Shield, but didn’t succeed yet.
At least, I managed to establish a web client with the GPRS shield following the library from gsmlib.

Long story short, I’m very curious to figure out how to upload data to ThingSpeak.
Any support is highly appreciated!

Thanks a million in advance!

I have posted a possible solution to the Bounty forums! Check it out and tell me here if it works: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=5670&p=20681#p20681