How to set the occupancy within 400msec

We developed a IoT device using “Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module”. And now it is being tested for KC certification as Korean regulation. Most of test was done successfully but one item is pending.

In the regulation of KC certification is, If the radiated power including antenna absolute gain is over 25mW, the occupancy time must be within 400msec. Our test result was over 1000msec when we try to only 2byte sending. Please advise how to set it to meet with the regulation.

I hope seeedstudio will take this matter seriously.

I look forward to Seeed studio’s technical support or official reply about this matter.

Hello, I hope you can provide the following useful information, you can use the following command to get


I will try to do it. And update the result here Thanks.