how to run DHTXXX

hi i have a new problem i want to use 2 dht 11 on my grove shield V2.0
what for a library i need to do this ?

i try with the grove library from wiki page
but i get errors when i compile it :

In file included from DHTtester.ino:4:
C:\Users\back\Documents\Linkit ONE\libraries\Humidity_Temperature_Sensor/DHT.h:16: error: #error “CPU SPEED NOT SUPPORTED”
C:\Users\back\Documents\Linkit ONE\libraries\Humidity_Temperature_Sensor/DHT.h:42: error: ‘COUNT’ was not declared in this scope
DHTtester:18: error: the default argument for parameter 2 of ‘DHT::DHT(uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t)’ has not yet been parsed

thx for help

Hi, sorry for the delay reply, please try the code attached, I try it in DTH22, it works.

And please tell me if it’s work, thanks. (3.35 KB)

no it don`t work

the first problem is the sensor is digital and not analoge

i found now a lib that works fine i connect my sensors to grove shield D3 and D4 (3.03 KB)

Thanks for share the lib~ :smiley: