How to repair/replace PCB soldering plate

Hello. I’m trying to replace a SD card reader on this board and I have 4-5 missing soldering plates that need to be repaired. I am very new to this so I’m sorry for any poor terminology as I only have very basic soldering skills. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to go about putting new soldering plates or figuring how to create a bridge for the connections.

Or you have a good pcb prototype manufacturer recommended

Hi, I don’t know if you managed to find a solution to this at all but I did see an informative video about PCB pad repair in general here:

From the pictures alone, it’s not completely clear but I am guessing the old SD card reader was ripped from the board and subsequently pulled the pads off with them?

I think there are two ways of doing this considering how much work you want to put into the repair. The first is the method shown in the video which, while is very professional, is a lot of work and needs special materials and equipment. Or you could just try exposing some of the traces on the boards and soldering some jumpers wires to them directly. Crude, but gets the job done.

If you look closely there’s a trace running down from pin 4 to an unpopulated pad right next to the bottom most of a group of 3 components (likely a resistor; probably for limiting the slew rate). If you run a wire from the pin 4 on the SD card slot to the unpopulated pad, it should do the job.

Pad 2 was connected right with the component next to it.

On closer look pad 3 looks to be Not Connected, i.e. you may ignore it. The same seems to be the case with pad 1.

On the left side you should bridge the gap, that’s been left. This looks to be part of the ground plane. Just carefully remove the solder stop lacquer with the tip of a knife on either end and solder a bridge wire across it.

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