How to re-upload PCB files ?

When I asked this question, I got the following link:
When I followed this link there was no button to press in order to re upload the files. I did not know what to do next, no instructions, no nothing. And when I asked for help again, I got the same link. Do you think there is a problem?

Guest what? After emailing tech support for almost 2 weeks, they finally added a submit file button in my Order history page and I was able to re upload the corrected version of the PCB files.

Hi Friend,
We are sorry that this issue might be caused by our IT system. When we find issue about your board and we will cancel your board and send you a link to re-upload. After few hours then you could upload your file. But we think your order might be caused by the IT issue.
Next time if you face this, please send email to for help. We will deal with it soon for you.