How to program a LoRa-E5

I hope this video’s to connect and program wl55jc, B-L072z and L476RG STM32 boards can be helpful:

Good luck.

@acutetech You are a life save :slight_smile:

Hi all, I was able to remove RDP with STM32Cube Programmer using a ST-Link and create my own custom project. I no longer have the ST-Link so I tried to remove RDP of another LoraE5-mini board using UART via the USB-C port. I was not able to establish a connection, I get the error:

22:08:33 : Serial Port cu.usbserial-141430 is successfully opened.
22:08:33 : Port configuration: parity = none, baudrate = 115200, data-bit = 8, stop-bit = 1.0, flow-control = off
22:08:34 : Timeout error occured while waiting for acknowledgement.
22:08:34 : Error: Activating device: KO. Please, verify the boot mode configuration and check the serial port configuration. Reset your device then try again…

Does anyone know if it is possible to remove RDP and program the LoraE5-mini board using UART (without a ST-Link)? Thank you.