How to pair an Xbox controller to a XIAO ESP32S3 via bluetooth?

Hello! I’m working on a high-school project and part of this project involves controlling an RC car with a XIAO ESP32S3 and I was thinking of using an xbox or ps4 controller to control the car over bluetooth. I’m having troubles finding code examples online or some sort of guidance on how to do this. Chat-GPT says it’s not possible but I don’t think that’s correct, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there,
Is it a generic BLE device? Is it made to be paired with Anything. Seem very proprietary AFAIK.
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You basically want to send Joystick data over BLE to the Xiao and have it drive the car? OR?

Yeah that’s exactly what I was planning, after doing some googling it looks like the xbox controller uses some proprietary stuff but the PS4 controller is just a generic BLE device. I did find a library that was made to solve this exact problem I’'m having but I just get some error that’s unrelated to my own code when I try to use it. PS4Controller - Arduino Reference

Well there you go, Looks like a cool Project.
Post up whatever you need help with the Xiao is a good FIT!
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