How to modify slave select on CAN BUS Shield v1.2

I purchased multiple CAN-BUS Shield v1.2 boards, and I need to modify the slave select line so they can be used together on the same Arduino solution.

The wiki has a photo of v1.0 hardware which had a resistor-configuration for SS. The schematic is for v0.9. There is no information for the v1.2 hardware which is currently sold.

What is the easiest way to modify slave select on the v1.2 hardware? Is there a photo showing which trace can cut-and-jump?

I think I found it. The v1.2 board is different from the v0.9 photo on the wiki.

On the underside of the v1.2 board there is a small trace to cut (CS 9 to center), then jumper the center pad to whatever pin you want to use for slave select: