How to make XIAO nRF52840 work like NRF24L01?

Hi everyone.

I’m considering XIAO nRF52840 to replace my current prototype with a pair of Micro Pro + NRF24L01.

As Bluetooth can be too slow for my requirements (1mbps with latency below 2ms, which I have working now with NRF24L01), I would like to make the module work similarly to the old NRF24L01.

From quick glance in the specsheet of nRF52840 , it seems that MODE Nrf_1Mbit or Nrf_2Mbit should work the same way as with NRF24L01. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, I will need one of my XIAOs to emulate a USB MIDI device, and, as I understand, XIAO nRF52840 supports mbed, so PluggableUSB libraries should work, right?

It is a bit confusing with mbed, because when I look in Arduino IDE boards manager, “mbed enabled” has only “Sense” variant there, while the non-mbed board has both Sense and no-Sense. Is it a mistake and does mbed actually support both Sense and no-Sense XIAOs?

Now the question is how to switch the XIAO nRF52840 to Nrf_1Mbit mode? Can someone confirm that communication between two XIAOs can be set up to work the same “raw” way as with NRF24L01, without all the BLE stuff? Is it possible without dealing with JLink firmware and whatnot? Or will it always be BLE and would require central/peripheral role programming to work?

I hoped nRF52840 would have something like nRF24/RF24 library, which I’m using for my current prototype. What should I use with XIAO nRF52840 to make it work the same way, with the lowest latency possible, even if it means breaking BLE compatibility (because I want to communicate only between two XIAOs)?

I checked that XIAO BLE should also be divided into no-sense and sense under mbed. As for the other issues you mentioned, it involves more underlying content, I have no experience in this area, your questions can be directly contacted to our technical support mailbox, we will have professional engineers to answer your questions.