How to interface Xadow IMU 6DOF with Linkit Assist 2502


I have been trying to interface the Xadow IMU 6DOF with Linkit Assist 2502 without much success. Has anyone tried this? I keep getting I2C write failed (error code -21). I tried with another Xadow IMU board and still get the same error. I have managed to interface GY521 by using the pin headers using I2C.
To double check my connection, a pic describing the connection would be very much appreciated.


I have found that the I2C interface of Linkit Assist 2502 have no pull-up resistance, may be you can try to soldering two 4.7K resistances between the I2C interface and 2.8V power.

Thank you very much for the response. As I mentioned earlier, I am able to make the sensor work with the I2C header. My problem is that I not able to make it work through the Xadow Interface :frowning:

I don’t have the Xadow IMU 6DOF, but I have the Xadow 3-Axis accelerometer, and I have test the Xadow interface with the accelerometer. Here is my test Program. The Program read the sensor’s ID every sencond, and it’s fine. Maybe the test program can help you. :smiley: (150 KB)

Here is the picture for my hardware connection, and the Monitor output.

Thank you very much for your help. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.