how to free 2kb memory (as bootloader) from Seeeduino Film?

Do I need an external programmer? My program is about 15kb but the Seeeduino film is limited to 14kb program memory thought it has 16kb. I read that 2kb is used as bootloader and it maybe be freed via using external programmer. Any instruction?

Very thanks.

This isn’t possible I’m afraid - if you remove the boot loader, the Seeeduino Film will no longer function as an Arduino and will no longer accept the code you are trying to upload.

Once you remove the boot loader, you are left with a standard ATMega168 - your code will need re-writing to upload it, and you will need additional circuitry/programmer.

Imagine taking Windows off your PC, then trying to install a Windows program - that is what will happen if you remove the boot loader.


You could try Optiboot: … r-sleeker/

Lots of info linked from that post about programmers etc. If you have another Arduino or Seeeduino you can use that as a programmer.