How to enable P2P and change channels

GitHub - idreamsi/LoRaE5: Arduino library for working with the Seeed Studio Wio-E5 Wireless Module. I am using this library, I can see the P2P examples, but how can you transmit and receive on different channels.

I assume you can only use one channel at a time also?


As far as I know, Seeed Studio Wio-E5 Wireless Module uses the SX1262 LoRa transceiver, It typically operates on a single channel at a time for point-to-point communication. To transmit and receive on different channels, you’ll need to configure the transceiver for channel hopping or multi-channel operation,

It uses a microcontroller that has been programmed with some sort of radio code it uses the at command set, I’m looking for example code of the at command set that allows you to transmit on a specific Channel.