how to do volume control of re-speaker mic array 2.0

how to do volume control of re-speaker mic array 2.0 ?? I want to use it with RPI board also i am not able to use alsamixer as per my application…

Please answer asap.

Hi there,

please install pluseaudio. after installation, please reboot. thanks.

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio

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Thanks for the information.

One more question How to disable the all MICs in Mic Array from external

control button (like alexa, google home ) with mute button functionality.

Please let me know asap.

Hi,Please try below commands to mute/unmute the mics. i tested it and it works well. you can read the button signal and then use below command to mute the mics. for more info, please refer to . thanks.

To mute/unmute the microphone:

$ pactl set-source-mute 1 toggle


Sorry but i forgot to add one point here is that you have removed speaker

connector and connection in rev 2 . So, Can i able to use that connection

for speaker from rev 2 mic array ??



You can connect the speaker to item 5, 3.5mm audio jack. thanks.

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Dear Bill,

I know that thanks for the info. my question When i setup external speaker

( from Board to Board connector) and at the same time from headset (3.5 mm

jack) . so my application is that when I insert headset into 3.5mm jack of

mic array, speaker should be mute and all sound from Headset only which was

not happen as i have checked.

Is it possible ?? I want to make an application like in mobile phone when

we play song through headphones sound stop from speaker and when we remove

headset sound play from speaker. Please help me out as my project is at

critical stage.

2nd may I know the Manufacturer Part Number of the Audio jack you have used

in design of Mic array so to check my application will work or not ??

Hi Sorry, I do not have a good answer for the first question.For the second one, I attached the audio jack spec. rgdsBill

Hi,I do not have a good solution as well. thanks for understanding. best rgdsBill


  1. can I directly solder speaker to HP_L and HP_R of board to board

    connector to Speaker like 1 to 5 W power.

    I use the 450050 speaker, the sound is quite low, but you can hear the voice.

  2. Can I make setup that play both external speaker from HP_L and HP_R of

    board to board connector and Headphone from 3.5mm jack and at a time only

    one will work.

    Yes, you can hear both of them, but the Speaker connect HP_L and HP_R of board is quite low sound. thanks.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New rgdsBill

Hi bill,

Please see

  1. I tried but it is not working means not playing through connector


  2. I only need one working at a time while the problem is both are working

    hands free as well as external speaker.




For HP_R, HP_L, The connector and the 3.5mm audio jack are connected together. thanks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

best rgds

Dear Bill,

Its been a long time but still I have one query. I wish it will be last.

  1. I want to know the cone angle of LED SK6812MINI we have used in MIC

    Array Version 2 so that we can design light guide accordingly.

Hi, 1. The 12 led on respeaker mic array v2.0 is APA102.2. The distance from the center to leds is 27mm.3. the angle between 2 nearby leds is 30 degrees. please let us know if any other issues. Thanksbest rgdsBill

Hi Bill,

We had a volume control conversation in November with my team. From that

point, we were using PulseAudio as per your instructions to control the


We have found sound stuttering issues using pulseaudio in sound sink our

problem is same which is mentioned in below link.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … stuttering”></LINK_TEXT>

We would like to use default alsa to control the sound or something else

but not pulseaudio becuase we are facing lot of isssue with our environment

using pulseaudio.

Attaching image for more information.

Seeking your urgent help on the issue.

Hi there,

please refer to soft volume, for more info, please check


best rgds