How to Develop Apps for DSO Quad?

Aside from asking where to download the source code (which I can easily locate using google :slight_smile: )

I’d like to ask what tools(Compiler / SDK) should I use if I want to modify the FW for DSO Quad?

What are the things I need to watchout for when developing apps this Quad?

you can download the sourcecode at
at , compile these code with IAR will be easy…

Developping an open source project with a proprietary tool chain is a bit contradictory.
Why don’t you choose a tool chain based on open softwares?

I can’t argue with your logic. I just wanted to point out that you can still get the version 4 & 5 of the IAR, at least I was able to get the free versions that work with this code.

I contacted tech support via e-mail, explained that I was a student learning code written for the IAR v4.xx and asked if I could still get the IAR4 free version. They responded to my e-mail by providing a link to that version and a free license code for that free version.

Dido a month later and I got IAR v5.x.

I am a student of Nano and Quad code and it has been challenging for me so I don’t see any ethical problem, and the programs are properly licensed.

Hello lygra,
Does IAR V5 free edition have a 32K limit like V6 Kickstart edition?

Yes, all the free versions are Kickstart and have the same limitation. I believe that this is why the Nano and Quad have sys-code separate from app-code.

Hmm, the 2.35 APP hex file is 75K, will the tool chain you have work?

I haven’t found the time yet to try a Quad build. Refer to … /APP_V2.35 which shows the toolchain files for IAR v4.x and IAR v5.x; so I guess that it works.

I noticed this post for the dso nano: … -dso-quad/

Seems that someone got the nano to compile using the GNU tool chain. Is the Quad code also GNU compatible? That would be really nice since one can do development on any platform with GNU tools. It is eliminates the need to contact IAR to get a compiler.

I see at the source for SYS_V1.34 and APP_V2.35, but now the latest versions are SYS_V1.41 and APP_V2.43. Can we expect to see the source to the latest versions soon?

Source code Licensing: At I read “Source code and libraries are licensed under GPL/LGPL, see source code files for details,” but in the actual source code files I find Copyright notices and no mention of GPL. Can this be corrected in the source code files?