How to control the Grove color variable led with other board

I want to know how do I control the Grove color variable led module using other developing board other than that of Arduino, say, one that of the TI. Is there any datasheet available about this product?

It’s urgent~ please help~


Sorry for delayed reply.
Please find the necessary specification of LED here. It is just a RGB LED. Color can be controlled by setting the POT.The brightness can be adjusted by PWM. Use the GPIO / PWM peripheral of your TI MCU control this LED.

Edit: LEDs can not be individually controlled. Only brightness can be.

I thought the Variable Color LED had 3x potentiometers on the bottom to adjust the colour.
ie. You cannot set the colour via PWM / code.

If you want that, you’d want to use the Chainable RGB LED.
Each LED is independently addressable and can display any combination of red/green/blue.