How to. continouly save the buffer as XML to. the SD Card?

Is there a way to do this, so the Nano using BenF Firmware can work as a data logger. (No trigging required) It seem only possible to save the buffer to XML.

I’ve been trying to do this all day with my Nano V2 but can’t seem to find a way to do it easily.

The best I’ve managed to get is as follows:
You can set the time division to 10s/div (it’ll go into scan mode), pressing the A button will cause the current waveform to continue until the end of the screen at which point it will freeze the screen and you tap B to save either the .xml file or the .bmp file; the xml file is equivalent to about 120 seconds worth of data logging, but only ever seems to report a maximum of ~300 points.

Sorry I can’t be more help; if you discover a way to continuously data log then please post it, I’d be most grateful!

I have also recieved an answer from BenF, he says it is not possible.
It is a pity, It would be a real improvement to be able to use the Nano as a 2 GB data logger, even if the minimum sample rate would have to be slower than without the logging.

Please, BenF, PLEASE, could you consider yet another firmware update to make this possible?