How to connect Vegetronix VH400 Moisture Sensor to Grove

Hi all,

I’m a Grove lover, because it’s very easy for a new project.

I like to connect two sensors (soil moisture and soil temperature) to a Grove based shield.
Here is the products look like:

Can you provide any solutions?



The pins on Arduino has been occupied by Grove Base Shield. I have two sensors (i.e., VH400 and THERM200) from Vegetronix need to be connected with Gove Base Shield.

The sensors have three wires:

RED for power ranging from 3.3V to 20 VDC;
BLACK for output ranging from 0V to 2.44V or 3V related to moisture content or temperature, respectively;
SILVER for ground.

My questions are:

(1) can I connect with these sensors to Grove Base Shield directly?
Sensor RED (power) —> Grove RED
Sensor Black (output) —> Grove Yellow
Sensor Silver (ground) —> Grove Black

Is that correct? Any concerns?

(2) Where can I find the example code?

Thanks a lot.


I had a look at the data sheets for the sensors you mentioned. Based on my reading, and what I think you are suggesting, yes, it would be possible to build a cable harness or cable to connect those sensors with a Grove Shield. The pinout you suggest seems like it will work. That is, a signal can be on pins 1 or 2, power is on pin 3, and ground is pin 4.

The soil sensors you mention both have analog outputs. To use the sensor to Grove cable, you would connect the cable to one of the analog sockets on the Grove Shield, for instance, A0. You would then be able to read the sensor on Arduino’s A0.

Sample code could be example from the Arduino development environment that reads and processes an analog input. One suggestion would be Examples > 03.Analog > AnalogInput .

I hope this helps.

Roger that. I’m still waiting my package. The package contains the wire – Electronic brick 3 pin to Grove 4 pin converter cable. It can be used to connect the 3 wires from the sensor to the 4 pin of analog socket.