How to Connect TF Mini LiDAR to USB-to-UART 3.3v/5v Converter?

Good day. Please kindly guide me on how to connect the TF Mini LiDAR’s data cable to the USB-to-UART 3.3v/5v converter.

The end of the data cable is 4-port female, while the socket of the USB-to-UART 3.3v/5v converter has 8 pins.

It won’t fit. Found below is a photo that illustrates what I want to do.

Your support staff told me your Grove TF Mini LiDAR and your USB-to-UART 3.3v/5v converter are compatible witheach other.

I might be missing something. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi there,

I can’t see your picture now, could you check the link of picture?

Generally, you can connect TF Mini LiDAR’s yellow cable to converter’s RX Pin, LiDAR’s white cable to converter’s TX pin. If you don’t know converter’s pinout, please see the picture below.

Converter’s DTR, CTS & RTS pin are unnecessary.

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