How to Connect Seeeduino Stalker V3 to Arduino IDE - no USB

Just bought a few Seeeduino Stalker V3’s and didn’t notice that there isn’t a USB connection to allow for programming via the Arduino IDE.

What do I need to purchase?

Is it as simple as buying the UartSBee V4 and connecting it to the Stalker and the USB to my PC?

Which Board Type do I tell the Arduino IDE?

Is there a bootloader on either the Stalker or UartSBee, or do I need to do something else to download?

Can I use the 6-pin side connector on the Stalker and leave the 20 pin connector for another Bee board?



1.UartSBee V4 should be sufficient. Yes, the board comes with bootloader.
2.Set Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ ATmega 328 as board in Arduino IDE

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