How to compensate the probes?

I just received my DSO Quad.
I connected “wave out” output (set to 5kHz square) with “CH-A” input using two original probes.
The result shows problem of compensation of the probes. How to correct it?


I posted about compensation in the topic “DSO Quad first impressions”.

Cheers :mrgreen:

Please download the calibrate manual at:

Thank you both for help.
I did the calibration/compensation. But in your manual titled “How to adjust the C to calibrate the” there is mistake. I think the photo is rotated 180 deg. You indicate that C6A and C4A are for adjusting channel A and C5A and C3A for channel B. But it is the opposite. I hope on my drawing it is more clear for everybody.


I too thought that my DSO QUAD needed compensation calibration on the analog channels. Feeding the A channel with the cal out resulted in the exact same overshooting waveform at the head of this thread. BUT if I connected the A channel to the cal connection on a Tektronix 2430A the waveform is nearly perfect… Needs no compensation adjustment.

I think the problem lies in the Wave Out connection. Is there a way to adjust that output?

My Cal out seems to have straightened out with the firmware upgrade, but I haven’t done extensive testing in all scales.