How to Clear Odyssey X86J4105 CMOS?

Board: ODYSSEY - X86J4105864 Win10 Enterprise Activated Mini PC (Linux and Arduino Core) with 8GB RAM + 64GB eMMC

SKU: 102110398

Update to BIOS Firmware SD-BS-CJ41G-300-101-H few days ago.

After updated, I enabled “secure boot” in BIOS settings, then it warned me about the “CSM disabled display compatible issue” but I ignored it because the setting is same as before BIOS updated and it could boot up normally last time.

Unfortunately, after I saved and rebooted, the board just light up power led but no display anymore.

I thought this may just the BIOS settings issue, and wanted to Clear CMOS and boot again, but I found no clear CMOS jumpers or pins onboard. I tried to remove the power and RTC battery overnight but still nothing happened.

Is there a method to Clear the CMOS and make my board boot again?

You can remove the PSU and battery for a while to clean the BIOS setting.